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Pallmann is a complete supplier in all aspects of the surface treatment of wood and cork flooring and is a leader in the development of water-based lacquers. From modern oil-wax systems through to solutions for fast renovation work, Pallmann customers can choose from a wide product range. And Pallmann does not forget the matter of environmental- and healthcompatibility. Our philosophy is to serve your best interests with open and factual product descriptions in which both the advantages and the disadvantages are shown.

Water-based Systems

Time and time again, Pallmann sets the standards for water-based products. For this reason, Pallmann can offer solutions using the best products both for the environment and for good health that are tailored perfectly to the different demands of day-to-work. Whether you want environmental compatibility, performance, speed or economy, for every type, Pallmann has the appropriate water-based product combination.

Oil-Wax Systems

Environmentally friendly oils and waxes ensure a natural wood tone. The latest Pallmann innovation, Magic Oil 2K, gives a uniform, matt, velvety surface finish. Its rapid drying allows renovation work to be carried out even in extremely heavy traffic areas in the shortest possible time.

Solvent-based Systems

Pallmann also offers classic, solvent-based systems. The range covers solvent-based joint filler, through primers to DD-Systems, synthetic resin or acid-cured lacquers.

Care Products

Every wood floor will be worn down through permanent exposure to traffic. The Pallmann range therefore includes all cleaning and care products that are necessary for the long life of your flooring.

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