Ulm, 10.05.2016 - Shareholders’ general meeting

Shareholders’ general meeting at Uzin Utz AG approves record dividend:
The most successful year in the history of the Company

 At the shareholders᾽ general meeting held by Uzin Utz AG on 10 May 2016 in Ulm, the shareholders approved the payment of a dividend for the financial year 2015 amounting to 1.00 (previous year 0.90) euros per share. The total amount to be paid out amounts to 5,044,319 euros (Previous year 4,539,887 euros). This means that it is the highest amount ever paid out in dividends in the history of the Company.

Consequently the shareholders are profiting from the most successful financial year Uzin Utz has had to date. The sales revenues in 2015 went up by 9.9 per cent from 230.4 million euros to 253.2 million euros. The profit-sales ratio increased from 6.5 per cent up to 7.5 per cent.

Uzin Utz is continuing to be successful in the current financial year as well. Consequently the Company has increased its turnover in the first quarter by 6.6 per cent in comparison with the first quarter last year. The main driver of growth are the international regions upon which Uzin Utz is concentrating. The pre-tax profit amounts to 4.6 million euros and has gone up by 33.8%, this increase is significantly above the comparable figure for the previous year.

"The successes we have achieved to date confirm that our growth strategy has been the right decision. We are constantly increasing our market share with our effective approach – in the USA, but in the other regions we are focussing on as well; France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Benelux, and in our domestic market Germany, too of course, in which we are the market leaders and intend to continue expanding", said the chairman of the board Thomas Müllerschön at the shareholders᾽ general meeting in Ulm.

His predecessor, Dr. H. Werner Utz was elected to sit on the supervisory board at the general meeting with a large majority. Dr. Utz managed the company for more than 37 years and established the Uzin Utz Group which is internationally active today. Thomas Müllerschön emphasised that, "His vision is still our benchmark and sets the goals for the future development of our Company".

The Company’s success is also reflected in the increase of its share price. In 2015 its share price went up from 29.15 euros to 43.50 euros at its peak and at the end of the year was 40.25 euros. This is the equivalent of an increase in share price of 38.89 per cent. By comparison, the German share index went up by just 10 per cent in 2015. "This growth in share price increase is also proof that our Company has a good strategic set-up", said Müllerschön.

About 200 shareholders took part in the general meeting held in the Donauhalle in Ulm. Altogether 85,645 per cent of the Company’s equity was represented.
A summary of the most important voting results:

Dividend per share: 1.00 EUR

Total amount paid out in dividends; 5.044 million EUR

Official approval of the acts of the management board: 100 %

Official approval of the acts of the supervisory board: 98,37 %

Detailed information on the financial year is in the annual report which can be downloaded at


Information about Uzin Utz AG

The Uzin Utz Group, based in Ulm, has more than 1,000 employees and a group turnover of 253 million euros (2015). It is a market leader in the development and manufacture of flooring products and floor laying machinery. Virtually all chemicals used for laying floor coverings of all types up to and including surface treatment for floor coverings is developed and produced by the Uzin Utz Group of companies and sold globally under the internationally successful brand names  Uzin, Wolff, Pallmann, Arturo, codex and RZ. Working closely together with the trade, planners, architects and developers, Uzin Utz has been committed to providing end customers and the trade with professional support in all aspects of floor laying.