Products & Services

The main focus of Uzin Utz AG is on the continuous development of innovative and competitive products and services. Our products are durable and retain a consistently high product quality. As a result we increase the technical and economic added value for our customers. To achieve this we research their needs, identify trends and set new standards in the sector. We assume responsibility for our actions and their consequences. That is why we consistently drive forward the development and manufacture of health-promoting and environmentally-friendly products. For example, since 2011 we have no longer sold any solvent-based products. Nearly 91 % of our products are furnished with the EMOCODE EC 1 PLUS and are thereby acclaimed as “very low-emission”. However, we not only invest in innovations in our products, but also in our processes such as in production and logistics and in services such as consultancy and online-sales.

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Research and Development

High-quality, innovative and competitive products are important pre-requisites for the success of our customers. We are developing new market sectors which will enable us to further strengthen and expand our position in the market. At the same time through our development work we can contribute to increased installer safety as well as to the healthy living of our end-customers and also influence the ecological footprint of our products. Therefore, the remit of our sustainable development strategy also includes the holistic and continuous improvement of the technical, healthy living and ecological aspects of our product portfolio. Therefore, it is logical to invest heavily in our research and development departments. In 2014 R&D expenditure at the Ulm site was EUR 4.1 million and an average of 46 employees worked in this area which equates to about 11% of all employees at the Ulm site.

Product responsibility and product safety

We assume responsibility for the effects of our products in all phases of the product lifecycle. That is why we permanently drive forward the development and manufacture of health-promoting and environmentally-friendly products. The basic pre-requisite for all development projects, in addition to product quality itself and any additional functional properties, is the low-emission status of the products. Accordingly, meeting the emission limit values of EMICODE EC 1 Plus and “Blue Angel” for installation materials according to RAL-UZ 113 is one of the most important requirements for our development team. Products marked with EMICODE EC 1 Plus and/or Blue Angel offer the best-possible safety from room air pollution during and after installation and therefore represent the best possible work and environmental protection at the user and end customer.

High product quality

All Uzin Utz brands represent high and constant quality. We can only meet this challenge through our high development and quality requirements. All raw materials and products pass through specified quality assurance processes which are also stored in our integrated management system.