Environment & Resources

The big challenges of our era are the protection of the environment and the conservation of resources. Uzin Utz works continuously towards the objective of reducing environmental effects and increasing resource efficiency. Of course the implementation in production is obvious, however it is equally important to pursue this objective along the entire value chain. Therefore, in the action area of “Environment & Resources” we consider the entire life cycle of the products as well as operational environmental protection in the production phase and this is because environmental and resource protection starts with the very selection of the raw materials and packaging, and ultimately ends with the recycling of our products.

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Operational environmental protection

Our aim is to produce high-quality products with safe and stable production processes whilst simultaneously protecting the environment. Back in 1998 Uzin Utz underwent the certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001, with the express objective of achieving a continuous improvement of the company environmental protection over the long-term. Our environmental management system is thereby part of an integrated management system which also complies with international quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Environmentally-friendly products

Customers expect products that, in addition to an outstanding technical performance, pose no risks for humanity and the environment. We meet this expectation by the developing products which are solvent-free and low in harmful substances and emissions. We also consider this holistically for our products across all their respective product cycles. In other words, the life cycle phases such as installation, use and disposal are also relevant. We perform life cycle assessments (LCAs) to ensure that negative environmental impacts which have supposedly been reduced are not simply deferred to another phase in the lifecycle.

Life Cycle Assessments

Since 2010 we have been using the Life Cycle Assessment method in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14040/44 to assess the environmental impacts of our products along their life cycles. A Life Cycle Assessment considers the environmental impacts of products across their entire life cycle, in other words, from raw material production through production to disposal including all transportation.

The UZIN TERRA line – the first sustainable installation system

In May 2013 we brought our first product line to market for which, in addition to low emissions, an improved the Life Cycle Assessment was also an important objective. This consists of a mineral smoothing compound, a dispersion primer and a dispersion-based adhesive for textile floor coverings. The proportion of synthetic raw materials was reduced and, where possible, the proportion of renewable raw materials increased without impairing the technical properties of the products.

We also searched intensively for packaging alternatives. One example of this is primer which is filled in a plastic bag with the outer carton made from 100% from recycled paper and in comparison to other conventional plastic canisters, this alternative packaging has reduced plastics scrap by 75%.

Taken as a whole and in comparison to a reference system, over an installed surface of 1000 m², savings of 250 kg CO2 can be made this new system.