Employees & Society

Committed, well-qualified and happy employees are the basis of our success and they embody the values of mutual esteem, reliability, perspective, balance, dynamism and internationality. We treat our employees with esteem, respect and tolerance. Therefore they can expect frank talking from us, fair assessments and communications on equal terms. 

As a family-run company reliability is one of our strengths. We offer secure jobs in a dynamically growing market and we value the fact very highly that our employees can grow with us. Therefore we ensure they gain qualifications and we are proud when colleagues pursue their careers with us. An attractive working environment together with the appropriate decision-making scope for our employees, ensures we have motivated teams with whom we can achieve our ambitious goals. Balance means for us that our staff members are on a firm footing during their leisure time and at work. We offer our employees a healthy and balanced working environment where work, family and leisure are in harmony with each other. We offer dynamism because we continue to develop the market, launch new ideas and evolve creatively. Internationality is our key for tomorrow's growth.

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Personnel development and further training

Prospects are the key for career planning which is why we encourage personal responsibility with the appropriate decision-making scope. To further develop the technical and interpersonal skills of our employees we constantly ensure they increase their qualification levels. Personal and departmental objectives are discussed and specified in the annual appraisal interview. Our internal training programme “HORIZONS” offers numerous training courses, seminars and workshops for professional and personal further development.

Work-life balance

It should be possible for our employees to balance their work with their personal life planning. This is why we create the right environment to achieve this and support our employees with appropriate offers. Different working hours models take the different life phases of both men and women into consideration. The “Demography Fund” lifetime work account provides the opportunity to take time out for care, parental leave, early retirement, further training or a sabbatical. When returning to work after parental leave, as well as in general, we take the needs of employees with families into consideration where possible, through part-time positions, home offices (remote working), flexible working hours, a quota of places in a day nursery near the company premises and a summer holiday programme for children of employees.

Social Commitment

It is important to us to demonstrate our social commitment in our own region. Therefore we support many different social, cultural, sports and educational facilities. In particular we want to highlight the fact that internal projects are also undertaken by our employees on their own initiative for which donations are also collected.


Dynamism, team spirit and the determination to give the best possible are essential elements of sporting values – and which also shape the corporate culture of Uzin Utz. Therefore for many years we have committed to the football sponsorship of SSV Ulm and since May 2013 we have also sponsored the basketball.