Economy & Company Safeguard

At Uzin Utz economic, ecological and social values are firmly embedded. A profitable business is required to ensure the survival of a company over the long term, to maintain and create new jobs, to make investments and to fulfil social obligations. As a family-run business, our prime objective is to run the company sustainably and to continuously expand on its existing healthy foundation. To this end we think and act in wider contexts taking account of long-term prospects. The focus here is to maintain and constantly develop our excellent and trusting relationship with our customers and partners and to create the relevant added value for each group.

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Customer loyalty and strong partnerships

The success of our customers also makes us successful. We offer added value to our customers – that is the secret of our success. Therefore networking and encouraging the development of the next generation of young craftsmen is important for us. We rely on professional craftsmanship and we support it as a strong partner. Our mission is provide our customers with customised products and system solutions for the installation, renovation and maintenance of their floorings. We also offer a whole range of services. Firstly we strive for customer proximity, on the one hand through individual consultancy by our skilled and broad-based field team and on the other through telephone support by our application engineers. Architects and planners are advised specifically by our key account management team. We also offer many training course options. In 2014 a series of about 20 seminars with 20 speakers imparted both theoretical and practical information about flooring. We also offer individual training courses for our direct customers. In 2014 approximately 35 workshops took place at the Ulm site.


Supply chain management and sustainability in the supply chain

We endeavour to conduct our business relationships in a spirit of fairness, with the optimisation of quality and costs being important to us here. Therefore every year we conduct a comprehensive supplier evaluation in which our TOP 50 suppliers are assessed according to the following criteria:

- Delivery reliability
- Volume reliability
- Product quality
- Price policy
- Reliability
- Scope of support
- Innovations
- Environment policy
- Fitness for purpose of product packaging

We also place great emphasis on conducting fair business relationships with our suppliers and on jointly developing and using any new potential.

In addition to cost and quality, and as part of our sustainability strategy going forward, we plan to consider ecological and social aspects even more in our procurement processes. Therefore we will be revising our supplier evaluation taking this aspect into consideration. We are also working towards creating a Code of Conduct.

Development of the next generation of craftsmen

Professional installers process professional products. Accordingly, the development of the next generation of flooring installing craftsman is an issue close to the heart of Uzin Utz. In a range of initiatives we try to equip the next generation with qualifications by inspiring them to follow a relevant training programme. We also support the training of apprentices and master classes in Germany and in Austria, both financially and through speakers, products and company visits, etc. 

We want to secure young people for a craftsman profession in flooring installation. To achieve this we are committed to the “Das ist Bodenhandwerk” (That's flooring craftsmanship) campaign initiated at the end of 2013 by the Zentralverband Parkett und Fußbodentechnik. The aim was, and is, to inspire young people to become professional flooring installers, parquet layers and interior decorators and to promote active training and internship places in craft businesses via the job portal of the website