Our values

Our values are the basis for our actions within the Uzin Utz Group. They are a fundamental component of GOLD. They are crucial to achieving our objectives and determine how we interact:


We are aware of our responsibility towards our employees, partners and customers and always act with this in mind: We consistently pursue our objectives, we only promise what we can keep and we regard promises as commitments.


Our focus is on the people within our organisation and in our environment. Appreciation, integrity and trust are the pillars on which we build our long-term, performance-oriented interactions.


It is our objective to lead our worldwide customers to success. Internationality to us therefore does not only mean handling business transactions, but benefiting from the experiences of our employees, partners and customers from all over the world.


In our business transactions we strive to balance opportunities and risks with careful consideration and to keep a permanent balance. It is important to us that our employees lead a balanced and fulfilled life within and outside of the Uzin Utz Group.


Our actions are long-term and sustainable. This allows us to create best possible perspectives for our customers and partners, our employees and our group of companies. It is important to us to grow together.


We are dynamic, as people and as a group of companies. We set pioneering trends and explore future developments and we align our actions on this. This allows us to advance the entire industry with the help of our committed employees.