Uzin Utz AG - Over 100 years of know-how of the floor

Innovation and tradition, quality and balance, growth and sustainability are the guiding values of Uzin Utz AG. They are the foundation of the successful development of the regional adhesive producer, founded in 1911, to the now worldwide acting full-range provider for flooring systems.

Eye on the future

Through sustainable corporate governance as evidenced by our responsibility towards our employees, customers and the environment we want to secure the long-term success of our company. At this, we strive to continually improve our sustainability performance while further developing and defining our strategy. With our future-proof assortments we focus on low-emission and environmentally compatible products. The sustainability report, published for the first time in 2015, documents the always consistent sustainability policy and philosophy of our company with all key aspects and projects. Using natural raw material and engaging in resources-preserving and sustainable product development are a matter of course for us.

Concentrated flooring competency

With our outstanding technology competency we provide extensive know-how on new installations, renovation and maintenance of all types of flooring, whether wood flooring, ceramic tiles or natural stone. We are proud to act as pioneers and innovation engine of the industry and assume this role with responsibility. The brands UZIN, Wolff, Pallmann, Arturo, codex and RZ reflect the broad range of services of Uzin Utz AG and the best available technology in all aspects of flooring. At this, most of our products are developed and manufactured by us.

International presence

As leading provider of construction chemistry system products the Uzin Utz Group is represented in 48 countries worldwide, entertaining our own production organisations and sales companies in 19 of them. With the objective of further expanding our strong position on the domestic market in Germany and also the international presence we will continually drive innovation and use our technical know-how as knowledge pool. We hereby consider ourselves to be part of the value-adding chain and are involved in various networks of knowledge and experience transfer between industry and trade. We want to create added value for people, the environment and society by successfully bringing all actors in building construction together, generating synergies and advancing sustainable development.